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PHIGHTING Script - Infinite Money Guest on 10th September 2022 11:02:56 PM
  1. --How to
  2. inf cash (be in the game's lobby, interact with the npc this teleports you to, spam z and say yes/1)
  3. execute it again if you want the event coins too, change number to whatever you want (cash purchases skins from npcs around the map)
  5. if not funcs then
  6. loadstring(game:HttpGet("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/exceptional0/scr/main/funcs.lua"))()
  7. end
  8. funcs.lplr.SetValue:FireServer({funcs.lplr.Data.Events.Sum22.Moons},999999999) --changing other values does not seem to work
  9. funcs.lplr.SetValue:FireServer({funcs.lplr.Data.Events.Sum22.Suns},999999999)
  10. getchar():PivotTo(game:GetService("Workspace").NPC.Darkheart:GetPivot())
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