I am going to complete two years in my current firm but still do not feel confident in my ability and my current skill set. I come from a background of Java/J2EE programming and after pursuing two years of masters, started with a plain slate in the SAP world. I am the only person in this particular role and the next person whom I could discuss my issues with is a very senior architect. A lot of times when I go to him with doubts I feel I am wasting his time and it feels that I am asking him stupid questions(even though I still ask him regardless of what he thinks). It might be that all this is in my head but I have felt that he is a man of few words and am not able to communicate how I feel. Sometimes I feel he cuts me short or speaks in jargon which I do not understand. I feel that I lack some personal skills as well when it comes to communication so I thought of thinking of my agenda through when seeking help. He sees that I am sinking as well but probably feels that I am under pressure and finishes my tasks while I am stuck with the first set of objectives. At the moment, I am not able to catch up with the expected speed of delivery as most of my time goes into reading documentation and testing small pieces. Have you been in this situation, how did you resolve it?